Every account at Backed has operational limits. The limits are variable and can be adjusted based on the client's needs.


Daily (24 hours) limit

Monthly (30 days) limit


5M CHF (24 hours)

30M CHF (30 days)


20M CHF (24 hours)

300M CHF (30 days)

To modify your limit category, please reach out to

What happens if I exceed my limits?

Once an account exceeds its limits, it is temporarily disabled. In that case, please reach out to our team to activate it and update your account limit category if required.

What transactions are included in my limit allowance?

Both Issuances and Redemptions are counted in your daily and monthly allowance.

Where can I check my limits?

Backed clients can check their daily and monthly limits directly on the Homepage of the User Account.

What happens to the transaction that exceeded the limits?

If the transaction exceeds the limits by a maximum of 10%, it is completed, and the account is disabled.

If the transaction exceeds the limits by more than 10%, it is not processed, and the account is disabled.

The funds will then be reverted to the client via our Refund process.

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